About Me

My Story

I m watching the world through the lens since 15 years. A lot of pictures for evolving, trying things out and taking moments that never get on paper.

But all the photography shown on this website are the ones which touched me. 

If you also get touched, don't hesitate to contact me. 

All photographies are available for print.

My Approach

It feels like a dream...Imagine a world where
love, harmony, acceptance
and an open heart is natural.

A world where you talk to strangers and become friends.

You get closer with them as with your best friends you know for years.
You see them and look deeply, until you reach each others heart.
You start to feel.
You feel the being behind the mask, behind the form, behind the face.

I love you all so much and it feels like a dream when
i remind myself your faces, your voices telling me "i love you". I love you too.

Some spiritual teachings says that all what is happening outside is only a reflection of your inner world.

When you all are my reflections of my inner being, then
i can say that,
i feel so happy that you get manifested.
i miss you all so much.
But I have to let go.

Enough "I´s" lets talk about you.

You are so beautiful like the sunset in Arambol with all these sparkles in
your eyes, your heart moving smiles,
you are like the crystals reflecting the sunshine,
you are like the roads running through my heart.
You are everything and nothing at the same time.
Like on an acid trip.

My trip is over.

Outside im not moving places anymore.
And i decided not to go back, not to move anymore in a horizontal way.
Now its time to move vertical. So i decided to move up.

So! See you in the sky, maybe we meet at the stars where the milky street begins.
If not then you can find me meditating at the sun watching the whole world as an inner reflection.

And if you reach your destiny, then only one thing is going to be happen for sure.
You have to move outside and inside, both at the same time and you have to let go...

...your fears, your cant's, your maybe's, your mask's and sometimes your love and your dreams.

And dont go back. Go closer. Closer to your being.

See you in my heart.


Wish you all your "Murat" comes true.
It means when your dreams become reality - but have the right one.

By the way. What is your dream?

You need a Portrait?

We can have a date!

I create portraits which shows you. Not the one which wear masks. The real you. Thats why we will spend 3-4 hours, talking, walking, sitting, lying, drinking coffee and also seeing through the masks.

Murat Bostan


„Art is an incarnation of the unexpressed soul elements and sometimes you can picture it with a photograph.”